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10 facts about healthy eating

In this text you are going to see 10 facts about healthy eating that if used will be big for you.

First you have to ask yourself —What is healthy eating?

It means the right amount of the right foods to get the nutrients that you need to stay healthy. Do you do that? I struggle with it. If you don’t it will affect you later in life guaranteed!! Here you are going to get just 10 facts about healthy eating, to help you stay or get healthy for the rest of your life.

Healthy foods give you all the nutrients which your body needs. Your body needs these nutrients so that it will keep working for you. The correct nutrients make you feel good and give you all the energy which you require. A well-balanced diet should contain nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, water and minerals.

Here are some important facts about healthy eating.

1. Healthy nutrient consumption reduces the cases of obesity and Diseases like;

A. Diabetics.

B. Stroke.

C. Heart attack.

D. Cancer and more.

With such facts about nutritious eating you can learn that the nutrients which are contained in choosing healthier foods may have the following impact on our body:

A. Lowering cholesterol.

B. Bring down blood pressure.

C. Bringing down the chances of heart disease.

D. Lesson chances of contracting diabetes and more.

2. Carbohydrates and protein and what they do?

What is the deal with carbs! Everybody is arguing is it carbs or is it protein??????—–well is it carbs or protein??????

Well it’s both people. There has to be a balance, but get this……everyone is different so whether it is carbs or protein is going to be different for everyone.

Here is another consideration? I’ve lost weight on both. Believe it or not I lost weight on a bagel and cream cheese diet once, can’t tell you how good my blood was, but I felt great. I personally think just getting rid of the fat was what made the difference.

I’m not advocating a diet like that now nor would I myself do that again knowing what I know now. There are much healthier ways to lose the fat. So if you did not know it carbs give you energy.

Protein has the building blocks for muscle growth and stability and is responsible for repairing of tissue.

In the right per portions, carbs and proteins,  they give you energy and strength.

3. Fats

Fats provide transportation of essential vitamins around your entire body. Thus preventing diseases and helping in quick recovery in case of injuries. Fats are also responsible for the lubrication of all your joints.

However having too much fat in your diet especially the wrong fat can be very harmful for you.

4. Make sure which you eat your fruit and veggies.

Don’t you just love how you’ve been preached at your whole live about your veggies? Well if you are going to eat carbs it’s better that they be veggies like

A. Green beans

B. Broccoli.

C. Carrots.

D. Okra.

E. Cabbage.

F. Lettuce

G. Rice and a slew of others.

Stay away from pastas, potatoes and breads.

When eating breakfast, the older you are the better off you are with eggs for breakfast although oat meal every once in a while is not a bad idea.

Another tip——I personally hate veggies so what do I do to get my greens,  I eat Texas super food or the dried veggies in a bottle. Be ready they will both make you gag.

5. Eat nutritious snacks

Eat healthier snacks not just any snacks. Nutritious snacks won’t have a negative effect on your health– look at these;

A. High protein bars.

B. Try granola bars

C. Fruits

D. Pop corn

E. Nuts

It can be fun to make some of your own snacks, like granola or pumpkin seeds etc……..

All things considered you’re probably better off to avoid the snacks all together, but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

6. Water

If you’re like me I fight the water thing all the time. The end of the day will come and I will have not had even close to what I should of. Now this can cause a couple of problems, some seen and some not.

This is very bad for your kidneys and liver. This makes your liver work way harder than it should have to work. Your liver is what gets the carbs going and gets the fat out among other things. However it uses water to do that.

What else is water good for? It keeps you from cramping up. If you neglect water and you are active at all, you will notice you are cramping up and that is a lack of water.

7. Eat whole grain foods

Eat whole grain foods as they contain nutrients like vitamins and minerals, for instance, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, selenium, zinc, and iron that are helpful to our health. Whole grain foods contain phytochemicals which help in lowering blood pressure and maintain healthful blood cholesterol levels. They also reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Also, whole grain contains fiber which helps in keeping your cholesterol levels low and cleaning out the intestinal tract.

8. Avoid eating at the fast food joints.

Always avoid feeding on fast foods as they can be encumbered with salt, sugar and bad fats which have no nutritional value for your body. Sugar is mainly converted to fat if not used by your entire body as energy and this may result to diabetics. Fast food has adverse effects on our bodies as they add the level of fats and increases calories which result in weight gain and obesity. Drink plenty of water in the course of the day about half the body weight in ounces.

Now that you’ve seen the healthy eating part here is the 10 facts about healthy eating that you can expect;

A. Lower blood pressure

B. Good cholesterol

C. Live longer

D. Less illness

E. Stronger physic

F. Less chance of heart disease

G. Look and feel younger

H. Increase energy

I. Good weight loss solution

J. Reduce health care cost

K. Handle stress better

L. Better rest

M. Improved sex

N. Better chance of no diabetes

Well maybe there is more than 10 facts about healthy eating!