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Power of a new world through a “24 hour Fast”

Are you as intrigued by what the 24 hour fast benefits are, as so many others in the world are?

It is an interesting concept that has made health and fitness experts take notice. It’s called intermittent fasting. One of the Intermittent Fasting programs is a 24 hour fast, yet there can be variations.

It can be done many ways;

  1. From eating in specific and fixed windows of time each day (i.e. eating only from 7:am to 4:pm).
  2. There is a 12/12 fast (which is what most of us do every night as we sleep). It is gaining traction as a sound approach to good health.
  3. Warrior
  4. 5-2
  5. 16-8

Regardless of the method used, research is revealing that with I.F. there are amazing benefits. For example:

  1. Better regulated blood sugar levels.
  2. Better control over blood lipids (fats).
  3. An ability to more readily gain or maintain lean muscle mass.
  4. Better weight control.
  5. Lower hypertension.
  6. Control over diabetes.
  7. Better cholesterol counts


Sleep and 24 Hour Fast Benefits

Naturally, sleep gives us an opportunity to do 12/12 fasting. For example, you eat breakfast at 8 am and do not eat anything after 8 pm.  So, you are effectively, doing a 12/12 fasting cycle. Is this beneficial? It can be, but there is evidence that shows longer periods are more likely to yield better results


In fact, in the article “Science or fiction? Exploring the benefits of intermittent fasting”,  benefits may only be realized after fasting  20-24 hours. This can of course depends on your activity levels.


Increased benefits with exercise

In other words, for the average person with a far more sedentary lifestyle, the longer fast is the only way to receive benefits.


There is a correlation between the 24 hour fast benefits and a more active lifestyle. There are studies showing if someone is more active, they could get similar results from 16-20 hours of fasting. But, there is no data proving it to be the case.

Instead, individuals with sedentary lifestyles rarely enjoy the benefits of fasting. Especially when done over shorter spans of time. So, active folks get benefits with smaller windows of time spent in a fasting state.

Either way, it is important to note that an exercise program is a valuable part of any lifestyle. Yet, daily movement for 30 minutes or more is a very helpful. Using fasting might eliminate some health issues. But, combining the benefits of exercise with a 24 hour fast benefits is the optimal approach.


What are the 24 hour fast benefits?

One, 24 hour fast benefit, is it’s likely going to extend life. You’re feel better and even improve your appearance.

To learn more about the 24 hour fast benefits, you would have to look how it reduces, increases and improves.

For example, it is noted that IF can reduce:

  1. Cholesterol
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Inflammation
  4. Risks of certain cancers
  5. Oxidative stress
  6. It can increase fat burning
  7. Metabolic rate
  8. Cellular repair and turnover
  9. Release of growth hormones
  10. It helps to improve your appetite control
  11. Insulin sensitivity
  12. Cardiovascular function
  13. Neuro plasticity.
  14. It may even make chemotherapy treatments more effective. 

As you contemplate adding a day of fasting to your weekly diet and exercise regimen. Think about this, there are actually some spiritual and personal benefits to be gained.


The Alternative 24 hour benefit

Religions have practiced IF since the beginning of time. The bible alone mentions fast, fasting and fasted 121 times.

Yet, as one life coach noted, “Fasting leads to:

  1. …a clearer mind. This state is ideal.
  2. It can lead to greater awareness and improved gratitude for the people and things around us.
  3. Fasting encourages us to become more present. We take our attention inward. This helps us to feel better both consciously and physically.
  4. This increased presence makes meditation and prayer easier to concentrate on. This allows us to access higher states with less effort.”

Choosing a regular period of fasting can clear your mind and encouraging you to be more focused.

Even when I.F. is not done for any purpose, you should still enjoy a boost in:

  1. Self-confidence
  2. Esteem
  3. Leading to a better self-image.

It is a simple goal to achievement. It proves to you over and over that you’re capable of doing what you set your mind on doing.





More benefits of a 24 hour fast are:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental

I.F. helps to clear and center your thinking, helps  you to focus on achieving personal and health goals. This allows your body a chance to purge itself of toxins and recharge the metabolism.

It is a step that has proven itself to be great for anti-aging, disease fighting and more. To enjoy its benefits, you must do it properly. Read more about  24 hour fasting, to feel and see the changes it can make.


Of all the Intermittent Fasting and just the fasting in general the 24 hour fast is the 2nd easiest. The 8/16 will always be the easiest because it is the most natural to do. But the plain fact is ——Until you make the decision——- that you need to make a change, nothing is going to change.

Therefore, there will be no 24 hour fast benefits.



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