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20-4 Fasting Warrior Diet Review

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20-4 Warrior diet review.

Review, review, review—they can be so boring.  All right that is enough of that. The 20-4 Warrior diet review shows  how simple a diet should be. You eat 4 hours out of the day, now that is simple.


But you can tweak it a little. Instead of having nothing to eat all day you can do things like this.


Start your day with fluids;

1) such as tea
2)  vegetable
3)  juices
4)  tea.


Eat light during the day. Eat things like;

1) whey protein
2) yogurts
3) berries
4) vegies


Do not to exceed 500 calories for women and 600 for men.


Eat a major heavy cooked meal during the last 4 hours.


Consider eating carbs like;

1)  vegetable
2)  fruits
3)  root vegetables
4)  legumes.

For your proteins


Eat things like this;

1)  free-range chickens’
2)  pasture-raise animals’
3)  wild fish.
4)  dairy
5)  eggs.


In the 20-4 fasting warrior diet review there are certain foods that work best combined. Foods that work best together are;

1)  vegetables
2)  proteins


Protein and vegies can be combine with everything.


The combinations that you don’t want to use together in the warrior diet review include;

1) grain and sugar
2) nuts and fruits
3) sugar and nuts
4) fruits and grains
5) sugar and alcohols
6) alcohol with any other form of starch.


Why is this Diet Plan Effective?


It adopts ancient eating plans


During ancient times people used a diet plan of underfeeding and overfeeding. The 20-4 fasting warrior diet review suggest that we beings should use intermittent fasting, as a good program for our health.


Back then people were able to withstand harsh conditions. We are all descended from people who overcame hostile conditions. But, alas, we have gotten soft.


We have changed our eating habits, we skip a hearty breakfast. We don’t space meals, instead, we eat all day.


No one hunts for food to live, instead we go to the grocery. Going hungry has been replaced? Yes, by vending machines and people now get through brutal winters with hot cocoa.


Oh Ya the Study?


Studies have shown that nutritional stress such as under-eating intermittent fasting. calorie restrictions help to extend the life of various organism including human beings.

Improve insulin sensitivity:


Insulin is one of the most important hormones in the development of muscles and fat loss.


The warrior diet review shows that a higher insulin sensitivity helps.


It improves some things like;

1). protein synthesis within your muscle cell
2)  boosts carb tolerance
3)  nutrition partitioning
4)  helps in weight loss


But bad insulin sensitivity can result in health issues such as obesity and Type II diabetes and much more.

Achieve fat loss and strong muscle development:



The Warrior diet review tells us that increasing your insulin sensitivity will burn more fat. Even without reducing your calories.


Researchers have shown that alternate-day fasting boost fat oxidation by about 4%. Studies have also shown increased production of Growth Hormone.  HGH is the main hormone in muscles growth as well as fat loss. HGH’s peak of production is while you are asleep.


Eating a heavy meal before bedtime is important in supplying the body with proper nutrition.


As with all the intermittent fasting programs they all help with HGH some more that others.


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