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24 Hour Fasting Results and The Ugly Truth

24 hour fasting results and the ugly truth

The 24 hour results may be disappointing if you have been listening to everybody and there mother out there on this subject. That is the ugly truth. The plain fact is everyone is different, so, the results or going to be different.

So the 24 hour fast results will be different for each person and it will affect each person differently every time he or she does it.

On top of that, what you do before and after a fast of any kind especially a shorter fast, could greatly affect the results of the fast.

So if you think the 24 hour results will be great every time, it’s not true and that is the ugly truth about fasts.

How To Get 24 Hour Fast Results

So what should you do to improve your 24 hour fast results, is to prepare?? One thing that you can do, is this?

If you’ve never fasted and been hungry for any time. Well my thinking is, that you might want to start out slow. Try some Intermittent fasting first like:

  1. 16-8
  2. Warrior diet

This will be the biggest game changer for you in the area of being successful.

Those are the 2 programs that I would try first, and why. To get you used to idea of being hungry but not for a full 24 hours, at first.

On one of the programs you are not eating for 16 hours and on the other you are not eating for 20 hours.

So, do the I.F. for a while till you start to get used to the feeling of being hungry. It will make a big difference on your success with the 24 hour fast.

The more you do 24 hour fast and longer fasts, the more you will learn about yourself and more successful you will be. One other thing that you should look at is:

Are you scared

Telling the neighbors –probably not a good idea, that is the ugly truth

You’ll be better off not telling your friends and neighbors unless your ready for the berrosh of questions your going to receive.

The ugly truth is when it comes to the 24 hour fast results you will have to lie if you don’t want to be bugged to death.

Tell people your sick, like you have a little stomach flue, no kidding everyone understands that one, and they won’t bug you.

The plain truth is that people don’t understand what you’re doing and they won’t get why. So alleviate a whole lot of dumb questions and find away around letting people know what your doing.

Are you healthy enough for the 24 hour fast results

If you are a healthy person, then you will probably blow right through a 24 hour fast. However for the best results you should again prepare. As a guy in his 60’s, I’ve done a quit a few 24 hour fasts and I still prepare for a fast.

  1. I try to pick times that there are no parties going on.
  2. I’ll always try to pick times at work when I’m busiest. This way I always look for the best results like:
  3. Loss of weight
  4. lower blood pressure
  5. Physically feel better

What about if your not healthy?

What should you do If you are not healthy and you have these:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Diabetes
  3. Insomnia
  4. Any eating disorders

And there are many other items I would definitely check with a doctor first. Or even if you are just uncomfortable.

I would also look for a doctor that understands fasting. Look for a doctor that is in your age group. Make sure that your doctor also understands any other programs that you may be doing like:

  1. Intermittent fasting
  2. Low carb
  3. Keto
  4. High carb
  5. Paleo

When to start so you see the best 24 hour fast results

The best time to start a fast is when ever you want to. But I would pick a time when you’re the busiest. Being busy helps the time go by faster and believe me when I say “You don’t want time to drag by slowly”. Not on this.

I don’t like talking about every minute of the day and what it’s like because it’s different every time you do a 24 hour fast and its different for everyone person.

Some 24 hour fast you will zip right through and some
you won’t make it. That is the ugly truth.

Making a plan for your 24 hour fast and great results

  1. Start out with I.F.
  2. Eat lite the day before. We do this because no matter how much you eat you are going to get hungry in about the same amount of hours (about 8 hrs).
  3. Keep telling yourself that you will make.
  4. Pick the busiest time of your day to do it.
  5. Make a conscience discussion of what your going to eat when your done. You need to do this so you don’t ruin the fast by eating to many calories.

You may come up with a better plan after you’ve done a few of these, something that will work better for you.

I don’t get into most of the studies or individual “what this did for me articles”.
The reasons I don’t get into the studies is because most of the time for every study that you agree with there is probable a dozen or more that will dispute it.

Granted its not always that way but more than not. And some ideas just take common sense.

What to eat on that 24 hour fast

1.You can not eat anything

2. You can drink tea, coffee, most no caloric drinks . No Sugar

3. Supplements are good, but I would research to make sure which will work with fast.

Make sure that you are drinking enough water.

Exercise and the ugly truth

You have to do what you want. It may depend on how hard physically you have to work. But to be honest one day shouldn’t slow you down as far as working out goes.

Working out might change if you have a 4% body fat and you just don’t have the energy. But I’ll tell you the actors Hugh Jackman, Terry Crews and more, including lots of women, have no body fat and work out when fasting. So what is our excuse?

There are no excuses but the ones we make in our heads to prepare ourselves for failure.

This book by Brad Pilon is inexpensive and has answers to help — especially with the bad habits we’ve learned over the years.


Fasting is good for people. Gives your digestive system a break. It also give your cells a chance to fix the broken parts of the body like the free radicals.

Free Radicals

This is where most of the studies will tell you how good it is for your body to get the break it needs.

Fasting is tough when you are doing it but it feels so good when you succeed.

When you see and feel the results like:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Fat loss
  3. Blood pressure
  4. Diabetes
  5. Lowered cholesterol
  6. Feeling great an
  7. Looking great

Bads of looking for the 24 hour fasting results.

I really don’t know of any, I did see where one guy said that hunger was a con— well DDDDAAAAHHHH !!!