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5 Factor Diet Review

The “5 Factor Diet Review” is going to show you the goods and the bads starting with a little description of what it’s about.
5 Factor Diet is a five-week diet designed by fitness trainer Harley Pasternak.
The 5 factor diet design is to achieve weight loss without having to go hungry or feel deprived. The 5 factor diet plan revolves around the number five.
It involves taking 5-ingredient meals each day for five days. Each ingredient takes five minutes to prepare.
There’s also a daily 25-minute workout that consists of five, 5-minute segments. Eating the diet and performing the exercises five times a day helps to lower blood sugar to a stable level. This will help to improve your mood and stay energies throughout the day.


What to eat in the 5 Factor Diet Review:

The 5 Factor Diet Review. Are ingredient meals that should include the five must-five food groups explained below:
1. Protein: sources of protein include egg whites, lean meats, fish, and fat-free dairy.
2. Carbohydrates: foods like sweet potato, vegetables, beans, wild rice, lentils, quinoa, and oatmeal.
3. Fiber:  whole-grain, wilds rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts.
4. Healthy Fat: fish fat, peanut oil, canola oil, olive oil, flaxseed and sunflower oil.
5. Sugarless drinks: this includes sugar-free soda, water, tea, coffee and unsweetened energy drinks.
The 5 Factor Diet Review does not mention alcohol. But on the diet’s cheat day you can eat or drink other things that you may like.
It is important to stick to the dishes made from the five must-have groups that we have discussed above. To cut the time and effort of preparing meals, you may need to stock your refrigerator and pantry.
Avoid packed foods and snacks as much as possible. Be sure to perform the required exercises on a regular basis.
5 Factor Diet Review shows that the plan depends a lot on exercise to work. You must do the 25-minute exercise on a daily basis for the workout plan to work.

5 Factor Diet Review:

Although scientific research of the 5-Factor Diet has been lacking. This diet plan adopts the popular nutrition principles of healthy eating to achieve weight loss. Lower Glycemin(GI) Carbohydrate should result in lower blood sugar levels as compared to higher GI carbohydrate.
Some researchers show that diets low GI foods are more likely to result in a short-term weight loss. I personally find that people that do these diets usually gain weight back fast.

In the 5 Factor Diet Review

Like any diet the elimination of junk foods, helps a great deal in weight loss, no surprise there. Weight loss also depends on other factors;
A. Gender
B. Size
C. Activity level.
D. Genetics
Note that, the weight loss plan does not address the amount of calories for individual needs. I guess  the calorie need is not a feature of the diet plan.
Although workout forms an important part of the dietary plan. Some experts have revealed that it does not meet the recommended 150 minutes per week.  Turns out it is a little short of 150 minutes of strength training exercises needed.
5 Factor Diet Review shows that the diet does not keep you from having health problems. Especially with conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.
The plan must change if it is to achieve such objectives. The two parts of the plan, which involves lower GI foods that should go in the frequent small GI, there known for keeping blood sugar low
The amount of carbohydrates should be tune to fit a diabetes treatment plan. For those who have kidney problems, check with your doctor first as there may be too much protein.


The 5-Factor Diet review shows that the weight loss plan that features both diet and workout plan. It’s designed toward achieving weight loss by being more active. It does not involve any pre-packed food substances.
The stress on five simple recipes prepared within 5 minutes each prep time, I don’t know. It is a comprehensive diet that states what you should keep on hand to be able to put a quick healthy meal together.
The weight loss plan may also include workout programs that you may have to change. Your  going to have if you are trying to follow a exercise guideline set by the America Heart Association.
It may not be a good choice for travelers as they may not have a flexible enough schedule for food preparation.
After looking at all this it seems to me that it is more work then it’s worth. The odds of someone sticking to it because of the work, it’s not in your favor.