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5:2 Diet review: 6 ways to make it Work


5:2 diet has gained amazing popularity in the recent years. In this little 5:2 diet review you’ll see how it’s done.


The 5:2 diet, also known as the fast diet, periodic diet and other nick names, involves fasting two days every week.

The rest of the week you eat regularly.


Remember fasting days should not be consecutive. They need to be split up within the week.

Does the 5:2 diet work with weight loss? yes.


Experts also agree it has other benefits as well, apart from weight loss;


1) It can lower your risk of getting heart disease
2) Lowers odds of getting cancer
3) Lessons risk of Diabetes.


This is a short article and doesn’t include all the science about intermittent fasting.

In the 5:2 diet review you’ll get more out of the plan with these tips:


1. Fast when you are busy with the 5;2 diet review


Make a plan so your fasting days fall on a day when you are not idle. It’s a lot easier if you’re very busy and pre-occupied.


If on a weekend, plan to go out and bring with you only a little to eat. If you are unable to plan a day out, just make sure you pre-occupied for the better part of the day.


Try hanging with a group of friends, but only if “they” know what is going on and are supportive. Otherwise this could be a disaster in the making for you!!


One thing about doing it—- with a group — you’ll find out who your friends are?


2. Plan ahead what to eat.


Doing this will enable you to know the calories you take in on your fasting days. Without a plan, you eat only what comes your way.


If you plan on not eating anything, you’re safe. Without a plan you’re planning on automatically failing before you even start.


With the 5:2 diet review you’re recommended calorie intake during fast days is around 600 for men. For women, it should be about 500.


3. Drink adequate amounts of water with the 5;2 diet review

With any diet you are recommended to drink lots of extra water. On your fast days you should drink a whole lot more water because you’re not eating anything.


Drinking water before a meal will make you feel full on less amount of food. A glass of water before and after is enough.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. When you’re on this fast you’re automatically getting less water because you’re not eating.


As a matter of fact, the first weight you lose is water weight. So not drinking enough water will dehydrate you and that is not good for you and it defeats purpose of the diet.


Can anyone say no more toxins


You need extra water to flush the toxins out of your liver.  Water also keeps your kidneys working well.


One other problem that you can have from not drinking enough water is muscle cramps and they stink.


From personal experience, make sure you’re drinking electrolytes. Be very careful during the summer because heat exhaustion is bad news and heat stroke will kill you. All from not drinking enough water!!!

4. Your meals should have more of proteins and vegetables


Proteins are low in calories and vegetables have fiber that satisfies you. A meal consisting of these two types of foods during fasting days will make you full without eating a lot. It’ll help you to stick to the 500 to 600 calorie limits.

5. Involve everyone around you.


Friends and family can be a great source of inspiration and motivation or they could be the opposite. They can help you or hurt you.


My boss has a plack on her desk that says “God gave us friends to make up for our family”


You could ask your family and friends to support you?


There is an old saying “you can’t choose your family but your friends you can”. If your family isn’t supportive don’t alienate them just stay away.


Stick with the people who have the same goals you do, and support each other. It helps if you find people on a similar plan so you can encourage one another.


6. Avoid binging during normal days.


A common problem for the 5:2 diet review participants is overeating after a day of fasting. Although you may feel starved, you can overcome this by eating healthy snacks.


It can be amazing when you’re so hungry—an orange and some water at the end of the fast will curve your appetite. It will help you slow down on your eating, but the question is—will you, do it?


When you look at the 5:2 diet review, the one thing that is constant with the 5;2 and other diets is– you can simply ruin your diet by eating too much after the fast.


There is still a calorie deficit goal that you can not go over. If you eat too many calories on the feed days the diet is going to do you no good.

Getting a doctor that’s on board


The truth of the matter is with the 5:2 diet review, some studies like it and some don’t. Some nutritionist like it some don’t, some Doctors like it some don’t. Isn’t life like that — just can’t please everyone!!


I have enjoyed the process and I would say like any other diet –try it. If you’re considering the 5:2 diet review the only people that I would say to be careful to would be:


1. Pregnant women.

2. People with type 1 diabetes.

3. People who have eating disorders.


When in doubts about your health ask a doctor. If you don’t like doctors try it slow and listen to your body, it will talk to you.


If it don’t feel right FOR YOUR SAKE STOP!!!!  PS find a doctor who is open to the 5:2 diet review so you’re not shut out by a negative person.


A doctor who knows about the 5:2 diet will be honest with you. For more info on intermittent fasting look at this.