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Low carb lifestyle challenge and 6 Tips that will help you nail it

The low carb lifestyle challenge is nothing to take lightly. You have to do it right otherwise you will end up running into problems.


Although this diet can be effective in fat loss, it has a few challenges. One of the most prominent issues is that it cuts down on both healthy and unhealthy carbs.


Then it replaces them with proteins such as meat, poultry, pork and fish which can be questionable when taken in large quantities. Then again is it any less healthy than the way we are eating now?


This goes against some research that shows that a diet rich in unprocessed carbs is extremely healthy and nutritious. The body needs carbohydrates to make energy.


Additionally carbs also provides fiber that aids in proper digestion, insulin regulation and colon health. Then again if you are looking to lose the fat there’s lots of research that shows increase protein—low carb lifestyle challenge—is the way to help.


There are other things to consider when deciding to use the low carb lifestyle challenge.


1) Are you active?

2) Do you want to build muscle?

3) Is fat loss your main goal?

4) Or do you just want to lose weight?


Since it is questionable how unhealthy it is to completely exclude carbs from your diet, here are some tips on how to make the low carb lifestyle challenge more edible.


1. It is essential to take into consideration your body fat levels first to see if you’ll be able to make the low carb lifestyle challenge work.



If you have more fat reserves, it means you are going to have more fat to burn than a thin person with less fat reserves. If you have fat that you can grab such as a beer belly and a muffin top. This fat can be used for energy when you are doing the low carb lifestyle challenge.


However, if you’re fat composition is under 7-8% for males and under 15% for females then you will struggle. When you’re not eating carbs and trying to exercise, even if you’re a little fat, it’s tough. This means the low carb lifestyle challenge is best suited for persons with considerably high fat reserves. If you’re not going to eat the carbs you’ll need the fat for energy.


2. You will not be able to eat any processed food and make your low carb lifestyle challenge work.



When going for the low carb lifestyle challenge, you’ll be leaving these things behind;



1)  High carb meal replacement bars.

2) Ice cream

3) Pizza rolls

4) Canned soups

5) Cookies

6) Anything processed….. Etc.etc.etc…



If you have any of these items in your house it will be difficult to  keep from eating them.

3. Take a break once in a while and inject carbohydrate loading days.



It is important to take some time off from your low carb lifestyle challenge. This is because when your body is exposed to long term carbohydrate deprivation, it can be bad. It can result in the complete depletion of body’s storage glycogen levels which can cause;


1) Decreased metabolic function.

2) Depression of the immune system.


The good news is that there is an easy fix which is simply injecting strategic carbohydrate re-feeding days.


On carbohydrate loading days, feel free to double or even triple your carbohydrate intake. It is advisable to follow up carbohydrate loading days with exercise.


4. Most weight-loss experts advocate for the use of supplements wisely


There is no way around it-you will experience intense carbohydrate cravings when on a low carb lifestyle challenge. When you are starting out the carb cravings can be bad. You could always seek a nutritionist for help.


5. For the low carb life style challenge to be successful, you have to be in it in the long haul



When you start the low carb lifestyle challenge, expect your weight to plummet. If your goals is to lose weight then you will very impressed in the initial stages as you will shed 3-20 pounds depending on your starting weight. After sometime you weight loss may Plato. This is when a lot of people give up because most are convinced that the diet is not working.


Studies tell us that if you stick to the low carb lifestyle challenge then your weight loss will slowly and consistently continue. An added advantage is that if you maintain this diet then it will be remarkably easy to keep the weight off.


6. When doing the low carb lifestyle challenge do your best to stay hydrated and also seek alternative sources of fiber.


Aside from helping you reduce carbohydrate cravings, water will also come in handy for beta-oxidation. This is how the human body burns fat. Since a low carbohydrate diet means you will lose the fiber that carbs provide. Don’t worry though; you can still get your fiber from dark leafy greens and non starchy vegetables. This is crucial because fiber aids in digestion and colonic health. There is another way?


I personally dislike veggies except for the ones that you should not eat like corn and I’ve heard peas are questionable. Here is an idea that works for me—–veggie powders. One scoop can give you a day’s worth of whatever real veggies give you. But be where because you will have to gag them down.


You could use Texas supper food, but they are a little spendie.


Although there are several challenges in the low carb lifestyle challenge, these six tips will help you ensure you overcome these challenges and be on your way to successful weight loss.


There really are no excuses to start this now and once you get started you could add intermittent fasting to your program for even faster results.