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24 hour fast eat stop eat diet 6 Reasons it will work!

24-hour fast are as simple as it gets, it doesn’t get any simpler and why you ask?

No planning, except when to start and when to stop.
No making meals.
No wandering what you are going to eat.

A 24-hour fast program called eat stop eat diet is becoming a very popular way to help burn body fat in a short period time. It also helps maintain your weight loss for life.

That said here are 7 ways the 24 hour fast helps you burn body fat quickly;

1. With the 24 hour fast your Fat Burning Hormones are increased.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is the most important hormone in our body.

When we are at a fasted state the production of this hormone is increased resulting in higher amounts of fat being burned? A 24 hour fast also allows the insulin levels in our body to reduce so you burn fat and not store it.

2. You have lots more fat burning enzymes.

When you are producing more fat burning hormones then you need more fat burning enzymes to help them do their job properly.

The two most important enzymes that assist in this process are Adipose tissue HSL and Muscle Tissue LPL. Simply explained the HSL enzyme encourages your fat cells to release fat for energy to be used in your muscles and the LPL enzyme has the job of getting your muscles to soak up the fat so it can be burnt for fuel.

A 24 hour fast increases the release of both these enzymes therefore creating a fantastic fat burning environment.

3. You will burn more calories with a 24 hour fast.

I must admit I was not sure about this claim at first. But after a few weeks of my fasting diet I found myself having extra energy. I was also more alert and awake on my fast days.

The reason for this?

Short term fasting (12-72hrs) boosts your metabolism and adrenaline levels. This combination results in extra calories being used. We all know the more calories you burn the faster you can lose weight.

4. Instead of burning sugar you now burn more fat.

When you have a meal, your body will first burn the carbs then the fat from your food. If you can’t burn off this food in few hours after you eat, then it’s going to be stored as fat.

When you are fasting, there is no other energy source in your body, except fat, so it must burn body fat. Your body can’t burn sugar in your blood put there by the food you’ve eaten, because you haven’t eaten, there is no sugar in your blood.

5. You have a better understanding of what triggers you to eat.

What surprised me most about fasting was how aware I became of the triggers and habits that made me eat badly.

A lot of my unhealthy eating was down to routine and certain situations and by being able to see these more clearly, I started to break these bad habits. Knowing why and what causes you to eat is an important step to stopping those bad eating habits.

Sometimes just taking a bite of food can set you off! Next thing you know you have eaten half the kitchen.

If you elect to go on the 24-hour diet, you make the decision to not eat anything. Not eating anything will lessen the chance of you going off and eating half the kitchen. More and more times you do the 24-hour diet the more control you will get.

6. Get control back over what you eat with the 24 hour fast.

By doing a 24 hour fast you do feel better about you and you get a feeling of accomplishment. This increases your self-image.

If you have issues with food, then this positive response can help you build a positive relationship with food again. Being in control of what you eat will make sure you are not as vulnerable to eating too much food that cause to put on weight.

Get control over your life with 24 hour fasts.