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7 day cleanse with fruit and vegetables: 7 steps

Do you ever worry about not living a along life? I know I do!  Lets face it our eating habits these days are killing us. One thing that will help us live longer is a 7 day cleanse with fruit and vegetables.

Obesity is on the rise; food illnesses that we have never heard of are popping up and becoming an issues in our lives.  So what are we going to do about it?

One thing you can do every once in awhile is to clean up your insides with a 7 day cleanse with fruit and vegetables!

Before we get started, ask ourselves this question “why have we gotten to this point in our health and weight?”

1) Fast-paced lifestyle.

2) Easy access to fast food.

3) No time to cook.

4) Both parents working.

5) Marketing that targets our lifestyles and our eating habits.

6) Developed bad eating habits.

7) Etc. etc. etc…..

Marketing companies know this, so they market these types of items to us;

1) Frozen burritos.

2) Frozen pizza rolls.

3) Swanson’s dinners.

4) Frozen pizza and or take a pizza.

5) Take out from your favorite restaurant.

6) Etc. etc. etc….

7) Fast foods.

Are we all getting the picture?  This is why the need to cleanse with a 7 day cleans with fruit and vegetables.  As adults we know that we might not be able to make a total lifestyle change.

But we could make an effort to clean ourselves out internally once in a while.  It’s only 7 days and with a little planning it will not be that painful.

7 day cleanse with fruit and vegetables starts with—

1) Lemon Juice


This is one of the most common detoxification processes that show quick results. Eating excessive refined carbohydrates and oily junk foods can weaken our digestive system.  So, to flush out the toxins from our digestive system, skip the coffee in the morning and drink lemon water.

Simple and quick;

1) Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water.

2) Then add a teaspoon of honey.

This will restore that PH balance in your digestive system improving digestion. Noticeable changes in your body as this drink aids in internal cleaning, but it will take a little time.

2) Eating smoothies for breakfast

Breakfast is said “to be the most important meal of today”.  Breakfast dishes should include the most nutritious foods. Our bodies will absorb all the goodness of a well planned breakfast and get you started on the right foot. This does mean missing McDonalds breakfast meals.

If you are planning a 7 day cleanse with fruits and vegetables, then adding a smoothie  is the must.  You can make a smoothie from anything you want by blending it together into a drinkable mix.  Here are a few ideas:

1) Strawberries.

2) Blueberries

3) Raspberries

4) Pineapples

5) Bananas

6) Spinach

7) Kale

8) Etc etc etc……

You get the idea, experiment with the fruits and veggies. You could also add vitamins and supplements which also helps to detoxify your system.

3) Have more raw vegetables in your diet:

Nothing in this world cleanses your system better and faster than raw vegetables.  To make this even better and give it some variety add spices. Learning to add different spices will make a huge difference in flavor and health.

Do this enough and you may find something that you really like.

This is such a big deal because the natural vitamins and minerals in vegetables;

1) Strengthen your immune system.

2) Boost your metabolism.

3) Antioxidants will reduce free radicals, slowing the aging process.

Making you look and feel younger longer.

You can use any vegetables that you like:

A) Carrots

B) Cucumbers

C) Avocados

D) Broccoli

E) Cabbage

F) Pumpkins

G) Bell Peppers

H) Spanish

I) Fenugreek leaves, Etc etc etc…

If your smoothie doesn’t taste so good, instead of throwing it away add an apple.

To make this step in the 7 day cleanse with fruit and vegetables better, add protein to the mix, like;

1)  Fish

2)  Chicken.

3) Beef

4) protein powder

4) Drink herbal tea.

There is a lot of variety in teas like:

A) Green tea

B) Dandelion tea

C) Chamomile and more

All these different types of teas are beneficial to the detoxification of the body.  For more variety you can add herbs like these;

A) Calendula

B) Red Clover

C) Nettles

D) Cleavers

If these are not available where you are, you can always get herbal tea bags that for cleansing. You can go on Amazon.

5) Include bright colored fruits in your 7 day cleanse with fruit and vegetables.


Bright colored fruits are rich in antioxidants.  Antioxidants play an important role in cleansing your body from toxins.  So eat more fruits like;

A) Apples

B) Pineapples

C) Mango

D) Guava

E) Watermelons and papayas

If you can get a hold of organic fruit it will help you to consume less toxins. You ask yourself why?  Organic fruits and veggies, hopefully not have been subjected to;

A) Artificial colors

B) Fertilizers

C) Herbicides

D) Pesticides

Most of us won’t be able to afford to go organic all at once, but you can do it little at a time.

6. Drink more water:

Drinking plenty of water can cleanse your kidneys by flushing out toxins.  Most studies have told us that you should drink three leaders of liquid a day.  You can make these any type of liquids that you want;

1) Fruit juice

2) Smoothies

3) Teas.

Make sure to watch your calories, smoothies and juices have a lot. Above all, Drinking liquids is a must when you are on a 7 day cleanse with fruits and vegetables.

Be ready to spend a little or a lot more time in the BANO!

7.Engage In Heart-Pumping Exercise:

Apart from eating raw fruits and veggies, you should also engage in exercises. Working out will cleanse your system by flushing out the toxins through your sweat. Doing exercise like;

1) power yoga.

2) Brisk walking.

3) Swimming.

4) running.

5) Weight lifting.

So, what are you waiting for? A 7 day cleanse with fruit and vegetables will ensure better health. With fruits and vegetables within 7 days you feel the difference. Be consistent, stay healthy!