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The 8/16 Diet review 7 Tips to help with fat loss



In the world of intermittent fasting the 8/16 diet is the best starting point. Let’s do an 8/16 diet review and see if it fits you.


First off if you are not familiar with IF, it’s more of a schedule of times to eat more than a diet. As the name suggests, it involves fasting for 16 hours and only having an eight-hour window within which to eat.


It’s the easiest of the intermittent fasting programs as it’s consistent and therefore easier to have it fall into a normal way of life.


With time the routine becomes normal, and you will no longer think you are on a diet. With this type of diet, you don’t have to count your calories as with other diets. Although I would recommend for it a while, till you get the hang of it.



As a result, this makes the 8/16 diet review the diet plan of choice for those who find having to calculate meal calories difficult.


The 8/16 diet review shows many benefits. While losing weight is a major aim, muscle builders can use it for two reasons;

  1. gain muscle growth
  2. shed fat.


As with any other dieting, you lesson chances of getting;

  1. cancer
  2. diabetes
  3. heart complications
  4. hypertension can be greatly reduced.


With the 8/16 diet review, these tips you will get the most benefits. And faster!


  1. Set goals and stick to them.


It will help to be clear on what you intend to achieve. Be specific and observe your progress.


If your goal is to lose some weight after a particular period, weigh yourself after that period to see if the goal has been achieved.


If you want a certain waist line? Measure to see if you attained it. Doing this makes you focused, and you are bound to go an extra mile in the efforts to make things happen.


It will also help prevent you from neglecting your diet plan and going back to square one. However, if success doesn’t come soon, you shouldn’t get discouraged.



While looking at the 8/16 diet review you will see that this is a lifestyle change and there’s a level of commitment that will need to be followed to be successful.

  1. Schedule your 8/16 diet review


There are variations to the timing of this program. The cool thing about the 8/16 program is its flexibility. So as long as it involves eating within 8 hours a day max and fasting the rest, you are golden.


If you have dinner at around 8 pm you can make this the hour to start your 16 hours of fast. This will make 12 pm the next day to be the time you will have your next meal. This means you will only skip breakfast of the three meals you normally take in a day.


Skipping breakfast isn’t hard on your body. In fact, some research shows it helps you have better concentration at work.


One thing that really helps getting through the 16 hours of the fast is by starting at night, because you sleep all night that takes care of at least 8 hours of the fast. In the morning if you stay busy at work, which helps keep your mind off the hunger, that will take up the rest of your 16 hour fast.


I personally can’t eat at 8 in the evening; I like being done eating by 5 because I sleep a lot better not being full. What that does is it lets me eat by 9 AM if I need to or I can go till lunch which is a 19 hour fast. You can do what you like to do.

  1. Start the day with tea or coffee.


While on the 8/16 diet review you need to stay hydrated. Hydration is important for your health and weight loss. Coffee or tea does a few things for you;

1.It will keep you going.

2.It helps with those hunger because it’s an appetite suppressant.

3.Coffee and tea have anti-oxidants for your health.


  1. Include more proteins and vegetables in the meals.


If your goal is to lose weight and your meals are high in carbs, you are going to struggle. Carbohydrates increase your cravings. You could end up eating more calories.


Nobody is saying that you can ever eat that potato or pasta but keep it to a minimum, eating them every once in a while. You’re better off eating green carbs;

  1. Asparagus
  2. Broccoli
  3. Green beans

You get the drift.


Proteins, on the other hand, help you to stay satiated on less. You will end up consuming fewer calories and burning more calories, seeing the results sooner.


  1. Don’t forget the importance of water


Your body needs water to stay healthy. Water, helps your body to burn calories aiding in the fat loss process.


When on a diet plan, drinking water in between meals allows you to stay fuller longer and you are not as tempted to eat.


Water consumed before meals takes up room in your stomach, resulting, in you eating less food because water helps you feel fuller, sooner. This will greatly help you in losing fat.


Changing bad eating habits like these is key;

  1. Eating fast.
  2. Not chewing your food.
  3. Getting seconds.
  4. Over filling your plate.
  5. Not drinking water before a meal.
  6. Finishing everything on your plate.


These are huge problem habits, that will help you in your lifestyle change—-if changed.

  1. The 8/16 diet review says you need to include exercise.


As with any other weight loss program, exercise is something you shouldn’t ignore. Dieting and sitting all day long without any physical activity will make it harder to lose that fat or weight.


You will have to combine the two. You don’t have to join an expensive gym either. These simple activities you can do at home or away are enough;

  1. Doing household chores
  2. Walking or cycling to work
  3. Gardening
  4. Taking stairs up buildings
  5. Swimming


Exercising is a sure calorie burner and will go a long way to making your goal of losing weight attainable.


However, a regular workout session at a gym helps as it’s not every day that you will get a chance to do the above activities, especially if you are an office worker.


  1. Rally up support—is it a good idea?


I hate to say it, but the 8/16 diet review is a solo sport. You may find someone to diet with you but it rarely ever last.


The reason for this is one of you will do better than the other and that is bad news for the one having a harder time. I’ve seen friendships come to an end over a diet.


However, if you have a friend and come hell or high water, the two of you are going to make it work, knock yourself out.


Think about this as an alternative. Instead of taking the risk—because friends are hard to come by–you could scout for dieting and fitness clubs around and join them.


You could even try a virtual program, like online perhaps? You will get useful ideas and motivating success stories from them to help keep you going.


I really believe that if you are at the point where you’ve just have had it and you’re going to do it; you may not need any of that stuff to make it work.


Is it possible to persuade your spouse to join you? Maybe or maybe not? Or they can support you by helping you stay on a schedule or by joining in the workout sessions.


A wife’s help is good, but men tend to lose weight faster than women. That always drove my wife nuts, so she won’t diet with me anymore.


Why is the 8/16 better than most diets?


The 8/16 diet review is not hard to follow because it’s really just a schedule. It, therefore, doesn’t weigh down on you too much as with other diets. However, if you decide to add a diet like;

  1. South beach.
  2. Adkins
  3. Mediterranean, diet etc etc etc


Adding a diet will make it a little more complicated. But more effective with better results and faster.


I was so glad when I saw the 8/16 diet review because I knew I could make that work. I wasn’t into the whole day fast programs like the intermittent 5:2 program but there are a lot of people who have make that work.


This program is so flexible most people will be able to adapt it to work with their lifestyle.


Here are some cons to look out for.

  1. Women need to be careful with this and should have a doctor that is familiar with intermittent fasting.
  2. Type 1 diabetes if you have intermittent fasting is it not a good idea.
  3. People with eating disorders, not a good idea.


If you work with a doctor, get one that knows about intermittent fasting he will be a big help.


Listen to your body if it feels like something’s wrong get it checked out. Get it looked at by a doctor that is familiar with intermittent fasting.


In conclusion.


I have had great success with this program and learned a lot about what my body can and will do. But the one thing that you must understand, as with any diet, this is not for everyone. If you are overweight it could help you and there is science to show that it is good for you but there are those that say the other.


One of the biggest reasons I like this is that it fits my schedule but more over I have learned to enjoy being hungry over full.


If you want to really make this a successful and faster endeavor add low carb eating to it!

Look at these low carb Ideas and take advantage now.