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Diet and Nutrition; 5 ways to win

I don’t know about you but the words “Diet and Nutrition” mean something that is very frustrating to me.

Like most of the country diet and nutrition is one of the most talked about subjects in the English language? Especially among mid to older people. Could it be, people are not happy with the way they look or feel or both.

Maybe people are starting to figure out the diet and nutrition might help them live a little longer. Or maybe there hoping the diet and nutrition might help with;

  1. Joint pain
  2. Stomach issues
  3. Poor energy level
  4. Constant fatigue

Are you happy with your weight? Most of us out there can’t say we are happy about our body fat.

Have you sat down and ask yourself why is it so difficult to make a change? Think about this:

  1. We are on the run and we’ll never slow down……
  2. Uneducated about nutrition
  3. Constant We bombardment of advertising of bad food
  4. Ease of buying and eating processed food
  5. Bad foods, the processed one’s taste good, really good

As you can see the list the list for eating bad food is endless, in the life styles of today. No time, no education in cooking. On the other hand, the list for eating good foods is short:

  1. Do you want to look good?
  2. Do you want to be healthy?

Think about it there is a fast food on every corner of every city block….how do you fight that.

So, here are five ways to help us combat the bad eating habits. These will have to with our diet and nutrition habits. You are going to have to be honest with yourself.

1) Diet and Nutrition; Calories

Almost any article that you read about dieting will mention that most Americans grossly consume way over the amount of calories that they think they do.

Everyone has heard about the sea food diet…………..what you see is what you eat Ha! Ha! That is one of the items on our list ——-cut back—–but how?

Start to count your calories.

 2) Diet and Nutrition; What you are eating?


When we have young kids and teenagers it is easy to use them as an excuse to eat like crap.

……it is very easy to have pizza rolls, hot pockets, frozen tutor tots, chicken tenders, pot pies etc etc etc…. There is no end to processed foods to fill your cupboards.

I can promise you that if you have ever worked at a factory where they make processed food products, you’d think twice about buying them especially if you love your kids.

I worked in a creamery that made and packaged cheese, everybody wore a blue suit and little footy slippers and they even wore a head cover, for hair. But what they did not wear was a face mask …… Most of these people were very talkative.

These talkative people where very animated, so animated that when they talked it was very fast talking…so as this cheese sticks went by them on the conveyor belts, they talked rapidly and naturally spit as they talked, which we all do….. and then those cheese sticks were covered…….spit an all……… yuck!


I will guarantee you that many other processed foods are much worse.

That is one reason not to have processed food in your house.  A couple of other reasons are:

a) High in calories

b) Lots of fat

c) High in salt

These are just three things I care to mention, but what these three things cause, is what is important, especially when you get older. this is what those 3 things will give you:

a) Elevated cholesterol

b) High blood pressure

c) Overweight

d) Poor health

Nobody wants to look and feel poorly!!! and that is what comes with poor eating habits…….. The draw to eat like this is so strong that it is one of the hardest things to overcome. Sometimes it feels dang near impossible to overcome.

If you do not have some success with what you are trying to achieve, eventually you get to the point where you are as my dad was known to say, “living to eat instead of eating to live” and he was so right.

The second move is to learn what to eat

So, what to do about this dilemma?

Get the crap out of your house………… your family is not going to like it, but you have to do it. Replace the bad with the good………..In with the good and out with the bad…It’s like “CPR” we are going to bring you back to life.

Start with different types of vegetables, even at first if you have to bribe your family with different types of dips to get them to eat their vegetables. You will find out which vegetables they like best as snacks.

You can also buy a certain types of protein snacks like nuts, protein bars; they even make high protein cookies these days. There are also some really good snacks that you can make.

For your main protein courses you should have;

  1. fish
  2. chicken
  3. beef
  4. pork
  5. tofu

There are literally millions of recipes for these different types of foods that make them really tasty and help you to keep your meals different so you are not eating the same thing all the time.

Speaking of tofu did you see the Thanksgiving episode of “Everybody loves Raymond”.

When going out to eat…

… They’ll tell you to stay a tell away from alcohol, desserts, appetizers and deep fat fried foods………I think you have to enjoy yourself once in a while——-have a drink and split a desert.

Many restaurants actually give you the number of calories that your meal is going to be, which can really help you not to eat too many calories, if you really care.

You could talk about this subject for ever………. But really don’t most of us already know……………. it’s just that we have forgotten and we’ve collected some bad habits over time. So, let’s move on.

How much should we eat?

I don’t always count my calories but you know when eating too much……….. your body tells you. The question here, is will you listen?

One way to tell if you ate too much, is if you can’t get up from the table or you grunt when trying.

Second way is if you need a Zantac to get rid of acid reflux.

3) Diet and Nutrition; Learn by portions

When I was younger I couldn’t tell the feeling of being full. I wouldn’t be able to tell if I had enough for 30 minutes or so if I had had enough. By that time, I may have had 2 to 3 times what I should of to eat.

Learn portion size.

  1. The palm of your hand should be a portion size for protein
  2. A fist is a serving of carbs—cereal, pasta, potato, etc….
  3. 1 thumb is for fat, nuts, mayonnaise, salad dressing, etc…
  4. A cupped hand is about an ounce, is a good size for a snack.

If you eat correct portions and do not over eat, it is true you will be hungry quicker. You will have that feeling that you soon will come to admire. It is a healthy feeling of being just a little hungry.

4) Diet and Nutrition; Learn what makes you eat!

Eating is eating, but eating can be affected by a few of life’s situations.

So why do you eat;

a) Hunger

b) Stress

c) Emotions

d) Boredom

e) Habit

One of the biggest causes of over eating is boredom!!!!!!!!! And we have a lot of that in this country.

We also have the second biggest reason that causes us to eat….. And that is stress!!!!!!! So, what can we do to change this?

You hear it all the time!!!!! Exercise………. You do not have to exercise a lot to help you achieve great success in weight loss. But you should make exercise a part of your diet and nutrition and it really helps to throw in some supplements.

There is one more thing you can do and that is meditation. Don’t knock till you try it.

5)Scheduled eating

One more way to help us in our diet and nutrition goals has something to do with when you eat?

Why does when you eat have anything to do its success in your diet and nutrition


There is a new way to help you in your dieting endeavors and it is called “intermittent fasting”.

  1. Are you sick of feeling the way you feel?
  2. Looking the way you do.

There are studies out there that will show you how good fasting is for you and how the new ways of fasting are awesome.

This type of fasting is different and has been shown to lower cholesterol, blood pleasure and a whole lot of other health ailments including cancer.

It’s called “Intermittent fasting” and it is something to look into!!

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