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Why Are Fad Diets Unhealthy

Why is it that losing those pounds is so hard? Living a more active lifestyle never really works. We are too busy juggling careers and family to find time for the gym. Wouldn’t you like to try a crazy fad diet to lose a few pounds? You think that leaves the fad diet as the only road to that gorgeous figure. But you’ve heard there dangerous? Why Are Fad Diets Unhealthy?

The question is, do fad diets work? Is it worth it if they do?

Most people would agree they do. However, the unspoken concern is, what effects do fad diets have on our health? Why are fad diets unhealthy? Might we be paying a huge price just to lose a few extra inches? And for how long will the pounds be gone doing it this way?

How long will those lbs. stay of if it does work for losing a few?

The truth is, few of us rarely care about the long-term health effects of a crash diet. We are ready to lose weight no matter what it takes. Well, as long as our motivation and food cravings play along! Studies tell a different story that you may want to take seriously. Dieting is not as safe as you might presume.

So, why are fad diets unhealthy? Here are ten good reasons that will make you take a second look at your favorite diet.

1. Stress and psychological disturbance

Why are fad diets unhealthy, they restrict your food intake which can cause a lot of stress in your body? This will lead to anxiety, irritability, lower sex drive, mood swings, depression and lack of sleep. This is mostly due to a lack of folic acid and vitamin B12. You will also be more likely to develop eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.


Most fad diets drastically reduce your calorie intake by cutting down on carbohydrates and fats. These two nutrients are essential for energy production in your body. This leads to extreme fatigue, which makes you less active and unable to carry out your daily tasks. The decreased blood sugar levels caused by extreme diets are also dangerous if you have diabetes.

3. Malnutrition

The majority of fad diets do not have a balanced nutrient content. Many of them lack essential vitamins and minerals. Lack of these nutrients will cause adverse health effects such as memory loss, poor eyesight, and weak bones.

4. Depressed immunity is another reason why fad diets are unhealthy

Your body needs vital vitamins and nutrients to protect you from infections and illness. Here is why fad diets are unhealthy, not only do they lower your nutrient intake but place a lot of stress on your immune system. Going for hours without enough food weakens your immunity and exposes you to infections.

5. Reduced muscle mass

A strict diet with few calories can lead to weaker muscles and a diminished muscle mass. Periods of starvation causes the body to preserve fat cells and digest muscle instead. The calories from muscle are further stored in fat cells. This slows down your metabolism, which makes it harder for you to lose weight.

6. Heart problems

The lower nutrient content of fad diets deprives you of electrolytes. These are necessary for proper nerve and muscle function. Lack of adequate electrolytes can cause heart palpitations and increase the risk of a heart attack. Do we need to talk about more about why fad diets are unhealthy—maybe a little more.

7. Hair loss

A balanced diet contains lots of vitamins and minerals that are required for proper hair development. When on a restricted diet, lack of these nutrients will cause hair thinning and even hair loss. It will also slow down hair growth, and make your hair more brittle and likelier to break. Huge with the guys and considered one of the biggest reasons why fad diets are unhealthy—–don’t mess with the hair.

8. Abdominal complications

Liquid fad diets that lack vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which can cause dehydration, diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating. Zinc, vitamin A, and B ensure your stomach lining functions properly, yet they lack from most fad diets. You may also suffer from constipation and poor digestion, which raises your risk of malnutrition as well.

9. Bad skin

Losing weight might make you look good. However, fad diets can wreak havoc on your skin, without which your nice figure counts for less. Essential minerals and vitamins are critical for good skin. Without these, your skin will become flaky, dry, and prone to rashes and acne. Dehydration and stress from a strict diet will also damage your skin.

10. Anemia

Most fad diets restrict the consumption of red meat, dairy products, and legumes, which contain iron and vitamin B12. This can lead to a lower production of red blood cells in the body, causing anemia.

If you your diet is making you experience the above signs, then it’s time to quit. These reasons are why fad diets are unhealthy and will only lead to more weight gain at the expense of your long-term health.

Choose a diet that is healthy and sustainable, and live a physically active life for better weight loss.