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Intermittent Fasting FAQ

No! There are a few reasons not to do IF

  1. Eating disorders
  2. Diabetes
  3. If your pregnant
  4. Other health conditions

As a matter of fact, if you are wandering at all about IF than you should talk to a doctor.

But, do yourself a favor and find a doctor who understands IF. Even, other types of dieting like keto or low carb diets. So, he is on board with what your goals are. Otherwise your going to be arguing all the time with him, and that sucks.

IF is a schedule of eating and it’s not so much what you are eating. The saying is that you delay, delay, delay but never denie.

Intermittent fasting has been around a long time. Since the beginning of time and was used in for religious reasons and still is. The only difference now is that it is instead of just a religious reason to do IF it’s popular for weight loss. But, science has shown us that there are many more reasons to IF and it’s not just for weight loss, it’s for your health.

  1. Lean gains or the 16-8 method
  2. Alternate day fasting
  3. 5:2 fasting
  4. Warrior fasting
  5. Eat stop eat

Yes, and the reason for this is that your really not fasting all that long of a time. Now I’ve done some 3 and 7 day fast and I’ll tell that is a little harder to exercise when you have no energy and you defiantly lose some energy after that first 24 hours,

Everyone is a little different, but most people might lose some muscle. But if you look at people like:

1.     Terry Crews

2.     Hugh Jackman

It doesn’t look it’s hurt their muscles at all.

Now if you want to talk about celebs who just IF to look good:

1.     Jennifer Lopez

2.     Jenifer Aniston

3.     Nicole Kidman

There are way more. It’s funny that most of the celebs are women. My point is that most of the research of IF is that its doe’s the least for women…Interesting huh.


What can I drink when I.F.?

Drink what you want as long as it noncaloric.

1.     Coffee

2.     Tea especially green

3.     Lots of water

4.     Diet drinks but I wouldn’t recommend those drinks.


Losing weight is a calorie thing. So, it would be reasonable to think you would lose weight if you keep the calorie intake down when your off IF. That means no binge eating after fasting. Which is what kills people at first. After you’ve done IF long enough you get stronger and tend not to binge eat.

You should be able to get into ketosis between 12 and 36 hours by not eating. So, you will get into ketosis faster then if you just eat to get there.