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Intermittent Fasting Does It Work For Fat Loss?

When you’re looking at weight loss programs and you run across intermittent fasting and weight loss………You have to ask yourself the question does intermittent fasting does it work for losing weight?


Contrary to common misconceptions, intermittent fasting is not a diet. IF is simply a pattern of eating that involves scheduling.


You are going to schedule your meals strategically to control caloric intake. This method of weight loss does not change what you eat; it only alters when you choose to eat.


Step by step guidelines on intermittent fasting does it work for weight loss?


To really understand how intermittent fasting works for fat loss. You must understand the difference between when being in a fasting state and in a fed state.


When you have eaten, the body is in a fed state, this is when it is absorbing and digesting foods. This state typically lasts for five hours.


When in this state, it is extremely difficult for the human body to burn fat since insulin levels are high.


After approximately 5 hours, the body goes into a post-absorptive state. This lasts for around 8 to 12 hours after eating.


This is when the body enters the fasted state. In this state it is much easier for the body to burn fat since the insulin levels are lower. This is part of the answer to intermittent fasting does it work?


Intermittent fasting helps put your body in a fat burning state for a long period of time. This rarely happens when following a normal eating schedule or other diet programs.


Fat loss is a great side effect which helps to answer the question ——– intermittent fasting does it work?


3 Reasons why intermittent fasting does it work with weight loss and in promoting general body health.


1.) Impact on insulin sensitivity


One of the primary reasons that makes intermittent fasting effective in aiding with weight loss is the impact it has on insulin sensitivity. Going without food for long periods of time increases insulin sensitivity and also boots mitochondrial energy efficiency.


2.) Intermittent fasting can significantly reduce oxidation stress


Reliable studies have shown that fasting can reduce the accumulation of radicals in the body cells. This helps in preventing oxidation damage to nucleic acids, lipids and proteins.


Intermittent fasting does it work? Yes, it works to reduce these radicals which are bad for you.


3.) Several reliable studies have also shown that intermittent fasting can significantly increase ones capacity to resist stress and disease.



When the body is in a fasting state, a cellular stress response is induced (this response is similar to what’s induced after working out).


Less stress not only reduces vulnerability to a lot of diseases but also makes it easier to lose weight consistently.


Intermittent fasting does it work and is it a viable method to shed off excess fat?


Now that you know how it works, you need to determine whether it’s a great fit for your lifestyle? A big benefit of intermittent fasting is that it is easier and simpler to execute as compared to traditional dieting.


Unlike traditional dieting it’s less demanding, especially for persons with a rigorous and busy schedule? You don’t need to spend hours on end planning for meals, calculating calories and checking packages in the grocery store.


All you need to do is schedule you’re eating times strategically. This method is remarkably easier to implement once a person gets over the idea that you can’t eat all the time.


Here’s a few things to do to help lose fat faster


Try to increase protein and limit carbs. Instead of potatoes and pasta, eat your greens. Instead of butter start eating healthy natural fats such as avocado, coconut oil, nuts and olive oil.


Do you need to exercise?


Schedule exercise sessions when in the fasted state. Studies show us that when in a fasted state, exercise is more efficient. You also burn fat better and gain muscle.


It is very important to keep in mind that although effective, this weight loss method does not produce noticeable results overnight. When looking at intermittent fasting does it work?


It is important to realize this is a method that works gradually and targets sustainable and healthy weight loss.


Intermittent fasting does it work— if your committed, patient and consistent it will work for you?


Adding a low carb lifestyle to intermittent fasting will make weight loss faster.