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Lean Belly Break Through: Will It Work for Me?

If you have heard about the “Lean Belly Break Through” program, but can find only reviews that talk about its effects, you may be feeling a bit frustrated. After all, we live in one of the most well-informed eras. We can get the full details on just about any topic imaginable.

So, scouring the Internet for specifics about the “Lean Belly Break Through” without any actual explanations is very annoying.

The good news is that we have some information about it and can help you decide if it is the right plan for you.

The Basics about the “Lean Belly Break Through”

Okay, if you ask the program’s designers, fitness trainer Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick, they’ll say it’s many things. In the program’s main manual, you can read that there are gender specific programs. That the “Lean Belly Break Through” is going to “improve your health & well-being and what you see in the mirror.

It is also about health, fitness and fat loss

It’s not simply ‘weight loss'” and it leads to “permanent, lifelong health, fitness and fat loss”.

The designers of the program also go on to say that the “Lean Belly Break Through” is a plan for your life and that it is never going to function like a one-size-fits-all option. One size fits all is a common flaw with many other programs. Instead, Lean Belly Break Through looks at your personal:

• Goals
• Body type
• Metabolism
• Gender
• Fitness and nutrition options

It is the ability to customize it that has made the “Lean Belly Break Through” effective for so many.

Within the program you find you can work at your own pace and make choices that fit into your lifestyle. The “Lean Belly Break Through” also has built in tools and resources that leave nothing to chance or guess work.

Now, you might be reading this and say, “Well, that’s great! But what is this program actually about? How does it work?” That’s what we’ll consider now…

The Way to Do the “Lean Belly Break Through”

The title of the program, the “Lean Belly Break Through”, lets you know immediately that it is targeting belly fat. Technically, the fat on our bellies is known as visceral fat and it is created in the same way that fat anywhere else on the body is created. That is by the conversion and storage of excess glucose (the blood sugar that our cells do not use for energy after digestion) as fat.

You may or may not know, as one fitness expert explained, “If we continuously consume more calories than we expend, this [stored] fat (whether around the midsection or elsewhere) continues to grow.” And if it were just fat, without any repercussions to our health, it would be the end of the story.

However, visceral fat is very dangerous.

It is responsible for the release of materials known as cytokines. As the National Institutes for Health warns us, these “small secreted proteins released by cells have a specific effect. They interact and communicate between cells…certain cytokines/chemokines are involved also. They are not only involved with the initiation but also the persistence of pathologic pain.

Certain inflammatory cytokines are also involved in nerve-injury/inflammation-induced central sensitization”, too.

They are known for increasing;

1) risks of heart disease
2) 2diabetes
3) bad cholesterol
4) high blood pressure
5) much more.

Clearly, targeting visceral fat is a very wise way to improve health. This is the focus of the different steps of the “Lean Belly Break Through“.

What the Program Looks Like?

The program is designed as a series of books and guides used as a sort of blueprint. Each person customizes their approach by following the information in the guides. The content of the program includes the following seven manuals/handbooks:

1. Main Manual
2. Tracking Sheets
3. Libido Boosting Foods
4. Fat Burning Desserts
5. Emergency Fat Loss Guide
6. Body Fat and Hormones
7. Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan

What you should know is that the program does not demand fad or extreme dieting and exercise. After all, most people cannot sustain extremes of any kind for very long.

Specific herbs and spices to tone and improve!

Rather, it emphasizes the use of specific herbs and spices for loss of visceral fat. Plus, healthy whole foods and five very specific exercises, abdominal exercises. These exercises tone and improve the function of the abdominal region. In fact, the program explains that it is the exercises alone that can contribute towards improved fat burning. There is also a two minute “ritual” to help those who are struggling with stubborn fat.

Program tools

Within the programming materials, you have tools for creating a food diary. This is actually one of the more empowering tools since it creates a greater sense of awareness.

Food journal

Many of us are entirely unconscious of how much we eat, what we might snack on and whether or not we get enough pure water and the right macros each day. Tracking intake makes awareness one of your newest and most important lifestyle habits.

Learning what foods to eat?

Adding foods that boost the libido and help to burn fat are also important components of the program because they also lead to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. They steer you towards the right foods and those that yield the best results in the body.

Will It Work for You?

Consistently, one of the only downsides noted by those using the program is that it requires;

1) dedication
2) persistence.

In other words, it works for those who are willing to commit to the daily ritual of abdominal exercises;

1) food tracking
2) adhering strictly to the allowed foods and drinks.

If you have a hard time following lists of foods you can have. More importantly avoiding those you must not have, it may be very difficult for you.
It is also a program designed for those over the age of 30, and specifically for those over the age of 50.

It can work for anyone of any age, but is particularly useful for those whose metabolisms may have slowed down due to aging and other concerns.

If you like the idea of a healthy diet in which breakfast is essential, whole and clean foods a must, and exercise a key component of success, you will want to check out the Lean Belly Breakthrough.

I know that I’m repeating my self, but I did buy this and it worked for me but it was, I felt a lot of work. If you did look at the reviews on this product they where not great not great. Remember that they do have a money back guarantee.