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Low Carb Lifestyle Change: 7 Smart Steps

Making a low carb lifestyle change from no direction in eating–how hard would it be? That depends. Following these 7 steps will make it easier.

A low carb lifestyle change is a step to improve your health and even prolong your life. Present food patterns contain revolting amounts of carbs. Most of these carbs come from unhealthy sources such as white bread,  pasta,  white rice, sugars, and simple starches. These items we refer to as staples have the same nutritional profile as candies. No wonder we as Americans are getting fatter and fatter

Cutting carbs and making the low carb lifestyle change can significantly improve your health. If you are still an unbeliever, spend some time browsing clinical studies about it. There is plenty of evidence showing a low carb lifestyle change helps reduce the risk of:

1. Diabetes.

2. Heart disease.

3. High cholesterol.

4. Obesity.

What a big benefit for such a little adjustment. A low carb diet lifestyle change will also work to improve health outcomes for individuals with these conditions.

Simply living without carbs for a week or a month would not work. Switching to low carbs as a lifestyle change is the only way to do it. The whole process may become confusing at times, but overall, it is not that difficult……. To make a low carb lifestyle change, look at these 7 steps to help you get carb consumption in check:

1) Accept that you have to ditch some favorite foods

You have to understand that, in a low carb lifestyle change, you have to reduce the quantities of your favorite foods, or eliminate them from the diet altogether. That can be difficult in practice, but that is the whole point of low carb lifestyle change.

Ditching carbs is the low carb lifestyle change. We are all guilty of having favorite bad foods. That could be pasta, bagels, cakes, chips, french fries or hash browns etc etc etc. These foods need to go so you will not be tempted to eat “the carbs”.

2) Inspect and clean your pantry

This part is not that hard if you do it after you eat. In this step, you have to eliminate all carbs from your fridge, pantry, and doomsday food supplies. You are trying to make a low carb lifestyle change anyway, so rip that band aid off as fast as you can. This is a lot like trying to quit smoking –throw your pack away after you have your last cigarette–make sure you get rid of you’re carbs after you eat.

So have a basket ready and put  things like pasta, flour, refined grains, bread, rolls, pastries, cakes. It’s like a fire sale —-“everything must go”.

Now that the unhealthy items are gone, it’s time to replace them with healthy, choices. Stock your fridge with whole fruits, vegetables, beans, and lean meats. Let’s begin with the low carb lifestyle change.

3) Learn your alternatives

Here are some ideas for meals without flour and bread. Be creative with substitute foods like squash, zucchini, and eggplants; Yuck! I can’t stand veggies, so I eat Texas super foods and or dried green veggies. There gross to eat but at least it’s fast going down—unlike squash or all that other stuff and it leaves more room for the good stuff——proteins.

4) Practice food planning

For the low carb lifestyle change to work, you have to learn to create everyday meals with your new food list, correct. That requires some degree of food planning. Food planning is basically thinking ahead of what foods to eat based on what you have bought at the store. Shop wisely!

Food planning is actually very easy. You will not want to live without food planning once you get used to it. It also saves you costs on your groceries.

5 Learn to adopt easy and healthy cooking methods

A lot of people fear that low carb diet is unexciting, therefor making it harder to make the low carb lifestyle change permanent, but that’s generally untrue. You can use techniques like sautéing, roasting, grilling, or baking to add taste and flavor to your food, and remember the different spices you can use.

There are literally thousands of ways to spice up food and for reasonable prices.

6 Always try to learn more about the low carb lifestyle change

Satisfy your curiosity by reading books, browsing websites and joining social media to increase your knowledge about the low carb lifestyle change. There are plenty of resources available for those who are trying to make it low carb.

7 Accept there is a transition stage

Making the low carb lifestyle change should not be done overnight because it’s a huge endeavor. Don’t get me wrong if you can rip that bandage off all at once—- go for it, but otherwise take it slow—-baby steps.