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Hating the “3-Day Fast Results” Never do it again!

There is no reason to talk about the 3-day results if you cannot finish the 3-day fast in the first place. And a 3-day fast is a tough one. But there are ways to make you more successful in fasting, so you can get the 3-day fast results.


I was not successful a couple of times fasting for any amount of time, till I learned a few things.You know how with real state you always hear the saying “location, location,location”. Well if you want to see 3-day fast results the saying is“preparation, preparation, preparation”.


Here are some preparations you can do, that will really help you succeed. That way, you can see those 3-day fast results that you are looking for.


Keep in mind no matter what you hear the 3-day fast results are, they may not be the same for you—-they may be better, or they may not be as good. When it comes to the 3-day fast results, remember, some people fib. The only way for you to know what the results will be for you is to succeed at the 3-day fast.


Why do a 3-day fast or any fast for that matter

Spiritual or Biblical


If your religious, you know that Christians fast to get God’s attention. Jews were commanded to fast once a year, but there fast was to eat nothing not even drink water on that day.


Jesus didn’t eat for forty days. He did this so to have the strength to resist the devil. Christians believe they should go without food and water whenever they feel the need to seek God. Sometimes we need to be strengthened spiritually so that we can petition God for the good of others.


There are many other religions out there that practice the same ideas. Just a different god of course.


There is a huge influx of people looking at fasting, but why now?  When it comes right down to it —— it’s for our health. Here are 8 items that science has shown to be 3-day fast results:

  1. Helps with blood sugar control
  2. Helps fight inflammation
  3. Helps with heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, ect….
  4. Boost brain function
  5. Aids in weight loss and boosting metabolism
  6. Increased GHG or growth hormone
  7. Delay in aging
  8. Cancer prevention

As you can see there are lots of reasons to fast. So, are you ready to start?


How to help guarantee success with the 3-day



Have you ever been hungry? Well of course you have. But have you ever been hungry for a long time? —-that is the question.



One way to help yourself prepare for success?  Learn about Intermittent Fasting. If you have not heard of IF or not done it before, it’s more of a time thing than a diet thing. But, there a few different programs to help you progress slowly.


Starting with the 8/16 fast.This is where you fast for 16 hours and eat for eight—simple enough and a lot of people do this anyway. You would eat dinner and then basically skip breakfast and eat at lunch.


Than you could graduate to the 5/2 program. This is where you eat regularly for 5 days out of the week,but 2 of the days of the week you don’t eat for 24 hours—–oh! That’s a little tougher. If you think of it, it’s not that bad.

Speaking of trying to get used to not eating 24 hr you could look at this and see if it will help you out.


Just like the 8/16 just instead of just skipping breakfast you skip lunch to and wait till dinner, of however else you want to do it. 

There are other things that you can learn about a 24 hr fast that will help you with getting to the 3 day fast results


After you’ve done this awhile, you’ll start to be ready for the 3-day fast.



Another thing that will help is if you love caffeine, go off it for a few days before you start the 3-day fast. Unless you’re going to drink during the fast. Which is fine, it’s a great hunger suppressant.  A lot of people will get low grade headaches when going off caffeine. Having no headaches will increase your odds of seeing 3-day fast results.


Some people are mightier than thou, and will say, “that is not a real fast”, but it is and don’t let them dictate to you what to do, especially since they haven’t made it past the 8 hr fast in the first place.


The plain fact is whether you drink coffee or not the 3-day fast is still good for you.


Pick an optimal time to do the 3-day fast.  Believe or not there are better times to do a 3-day fast then others.


I would make sure you are going to be really busy, it makes time go faster. Time is not your friend in this endeavor.



Telling friends and relatives and co-workers, probably not a good idea. You can’t choose your relatives, but real friends are hard to come by. So, you don’t want to lose one over them saying something derogatory over what you are doing. Especially when they don’t understand.



If your co-workers find out, you will be hit with a bunch of questions;


  1. Why are you doing this
  2. It sounds like it’s dangerous—if you’re hangry you might say something like this “it is dangerous,for you if you don’t mind your own business”. Of course, I’m just kidding. For you out there who don’t know what hangry is, it’s someone who is mad because they are hungry—hence “hangry”
  3. Bet you don’t make it
  4. Oh, come just take one bite of this it won’t hurt

Is it not true that those co-workers are always bringing in snacks?


The middle of the journey, the actual fasting first day and looking for those 3-day fast results



If you’ve started preparing yourself by doing some IF then already know what to expect.


I’m not one who takes any of this easy because I’m hungry all the time and I feel for the people out there that are like me. This may because my job is very physical and I’m active even at the age of 61.


The thing about the first day is you know what to expect. But it is a little disheartening when dinnertime comes and then goes without food, on that first day of the 3-day fast.



Intermittent fasting concept with clock on white plate, fork and knife on blue table.


I don’t check anything out on the first day, like blood pressure, because I’m just focusing on getting through it. The 3-day fast results you will see at the end of the fast.


2nd Day of The Journey to The 3-Day Fasting Results


I usually feel alright in the morning of the 2nd day, but it doesn’t last long for me. The hunger hits and then I physically start to get run down and tired. I also find that even though I felt like I had a good night sleep I get very tired and sleepy throughout the day.


So now on the 2nd day I’m physically tired, sleepy and hungry. Wow this is fun.


I’ve read quite a few of other people’s experiences. Some say that they feel more focused than ever———–this not my experience —- unless you’re talking focused on food. My focus is on one thing food, oh did I mention, the only thing I’m focused on is food.


I remember my brother telling me that he felt more focused than ever on his 24-hr. fast.  He said he was so focused that he stayed up all night and couldn’t stop thinking of all the things rattling around in his head.He never said how he felt the next day, I could only imagine.


If You Have That Physically Demanding Job


I do have a physically demanding job and I’m almost worthless by the end of day 2. I find myself looking for any reason to sit or deliver things, it sucks.


I can start to get lethargic and little headaches can start even if I’m off the caffeine for awhile before the fast. I know what some people say about caffeine and I’m of a mind that, as long as you are not drinking caloric drinks, whatever helps you complete the 3-day fast to see what the 3-day fasts results are for you “DO IT”!!!!!!!!!!!.


Can You Get Better At Fasting


You will get better and better at fasting. Every fast is different, some you’ do well at and some you will not.


On the 2nd day exercise is a little harder. I seem to get physically tired very quickly when it comes to cardio. The weight lifting is not so hard. I don’t push any exercise to hard, at my age my body is under enough stress with the dieting.




At my age my feeling is that you don’t want to push to hard because if something goes wrong, it could be a life changer or even a life taker. So, if your older, you can push………. But watch and listen especially when you are exercising, I’ve had some strange things happen to me.


I do drink a lot of water with fresh lemon and even sometimes Mothers Apple Cider. I hardly put any in at any one time because I don’t want to break the fast, but could help to cleanse the colon.



By the end of the second day I’m not staying up late because I know me, the longer I stay up the more likely, I’ll not make it and I’m usually very sleepy by then anyway. So, it is off to la la la land I go.


3-day fasting results of the 3rd day


The morning of the 3rd day you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the question is will you make to the end. By now it’s a question of will power—do you have it or not.I’m hungry, tiered, lethargic, have headaches (sometimes), no energy, and I’m so focused on food it is not funny.



One time (the first time) I even stopped at big grocery store and bought some stuff to eat for when I got home, it was about $200 worth of stuff. I’ve learned a thing or two since then.


One of the other things that is hard, is not to over eat. On a fast you are probably going to burn 1800 a day, this is different for everyone and women and men. 1800 a day on a 3-day fast is 5400 calories and believe or not, you can eat that number of calories from the time you get home and go to bed.


Better Prepare For That First Meal – It’s a Deal Maker Or Breaker



I will tell you that you overeat at the end of the 3rd day won’t sleep well, poop well and you are going to be very disappointed in yourself. But it’s alright if it happens——–learn from it. You had 3 days of great discipline, now we just need to get the end of the 3rd down.


I try to be very strict all week on what I eat but every Sunday the grandkids come over and we have pizza. I’m going to tell you, it kills me.  I find it very hard not to over eat and I usually fail miserably.



I’ve got to the point that I must make my own keto pizza anymore. Which is fine because I can make it almost as good as the pizza from the “Dark Side”. Then we wrap up the leftover pizza and it goes back with the grandkids.


This is just a little story of interest for us fasters. I have a friend who is 6’5” or so and he is very heavy, like 350 lbs heavy. He has been on 4, 30 day fast——yes you read it right, 30-day fasts, and he has told me that the 3rd and 4th days are the worst days for fasting. After those 2 days it gets easier.Interesting hu?


How to break the 3-day fast for the best results


In my mind I think this is the most critical part of the 3-day fast. Because why go through all that just to blow it!  Right?


So, at this point you will be surprised at how little it will take to satisfy you. Once you get that feeling you might go to bed early one more time, so you don’t feel gratified on that 4th day.


What to eat that 3rd night


Eat something light like a salad or a couple of eggs. You might want to start out with a broth, although to me that wouldn’t be filling. Maybe after the broth in 20 minutes or so you might want to eat a little something else. Just not too much.


Everyone is different, and you won’t know what is going to float your boat till you eat it. It might be nuts, salad, veggies, chicken, a smoothie. You will have to play it by ear.Every time you fast, you’ll know more and more of what to do.


I went from 162 lbs to 157. I don’t believe too much of this to be long lasting.  I’ve always felt, that some of that weight loss, was just not having anything in the digestive tract and a little dehydration.

One other item to mention is the measurements of my body—there no changes? Arms, legs and the stomach, the stomach,ya the stomach—– all the same. So if you’re looking for that 3 day fast to change the look of the old body, don’t be disappointed if it don’t happen? Just saying?


But on the 4th and 5th day I lost another 2 pounds. This was the first time of all the 3-days fast that I kept the weight off after the fast. I was a little stricter this time. I also started being stricter on my Keto eating.


In conclusion it does suck doing the fast there is no doubt about it. But Fasting can be addicting and once you’ve done it you want to do it better. It’s a little like golf. After you’ve played that first round of golf, at least with me, I thought the game sucked. But, after I had thought about a little bit, I knew I could do better and before you knew it, I was playing again.


Fasting is like that, because after your done with the fast, you’re thinking that stunk. But, after awhile you start to think “I could do this better”, and you could, unlike golf…….ha ha ha,


That facts are that the science, testimonials and studies, tell us that it is good for us. I only wish the information would have been there when I was younger so I could have taken advantage of it.

However if you’re looking just to lose weight, you should probably look for something that is going to be more permanent or life changing and sustainable.