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Worst Fad Diets; Here Are Some Shocking Ones


Ever heard of consuming tapeworms to lose weight? How about eating air to become slimmer? If not, then read on. Here are the 8 worst fad diets you definitely SHOULD NOT try:

8th Worst fad diets- The Air Diet

First off, how about a diet that could make you lose weight just by continuing to breathe normally? You won’t have to stop eating fatty foods or lay on the couch all day, because taking more air can make all that go away! Rhythmical breathing is the name of the game, and you are encouraged to do it everywhere. Which is pretty much what we’re doing anyway. How is this different from normal life?

7th Worst fad diets- The Sleeping Beauty Diet

This might seem to be the perfect diet for people who simply cannot control their cravings, but we assure you that it’s not. If Elvis Presley was rumored to have done this, then it should be effective, right? The short answer is no. The Sleeping Beauty assumes that we lose weight as we sleep, and tries to have our bodies do an extended hibernation via powerful sleeping pills. Sure, you might lose a pound or two, but that’s at the expense of muscle atrophy, extreme starvation and even death.

6th Worst fad diets- The Werewolf Diet

Howling at the moon to lose weight seems far out, but those who follow the Lunar Diet might not think so. You see, their entire diet plan revolves around the moon calendar. One must fast with only juice or water when a new or full moon comes. An extension program follows that with very specific food types allowed only on certain moon phases. Sure, you can lose weight by not eating certain foods, but it all has nothing to do with how the moon moves.

5th Worst fad diets- The Five Bite Diet

This has to be one of the worst diets that are completely open to different interpretations. It can definitely lead to disastrous results. A lot of people will like the idea, though- eat whatever you want, but only 5 bites at a time. While the premise itself isn’t half bad, your body will need other types of food that are packed with nutrients. Would you be willing to give up 5 bites of your favorite food in favor of fruits and veggies? We think not. The real question may lie as to how many cheeseburger or pizza can you fit with each bite?

4th Worst fad diets- The Baby Food Diet

Why give up delicious adult food in favor of mushy, yucky baby food? The idea here is that baby food can’t hurt you in any way possible. Or can it? All lunch and breakfast meals are replaced with jars and jars of different baby food, each with their own calorie count. Problem is, we need the calories to function and do our day-to-day activities. Not only that, but who really wants to carry jars of baby food with them?

3rd Worst fad diets- The Blood Type Diet

This one is similar to the werewolf diet, with its reasoning that your ability to lose weight depends on your blood type. Peter D’Adamo believes that the food we eat invariably react with our blood type. Type B individuals should avoid corn, chicken and peanuts. Type O people should avoid dairy and wheat. Type A people should go vegetarian, and so on. The thing is, there’s no real backing and proof that our blood types can affect how we lose weight. Besides, why shouldn’t you eat a certain type of food just because your blood type says no?

2nd Worst fad diets- The Cotton Ball Diet

Ugh. This diet will make you feel like a hospital patient. Not only is this diet nutritionally unsound, it’s quite dangerous as well. Basically, you eat cotton balls that are soaked in orange juice in an effort to lose weight. Why is this a bad idea? Two things. One, eating cotton balls will give you zero nutrition. Two, eating them can prove to be dangerous because they are mostly made from synthetic, bleached fibers. Not unless you don’t mind pooping out a bunch undigested fiber cotton balls.

1st Worst fad diets- The Tapeworm Diet

Here is the most dangerous diet of all. Also, the worst you can do for your body. People eat tapeworm eggs and hope the tapeworms eat whatever they consume. When they reach a magic weight number, they would then ask a doctor for some anti-worm medicine to flush those tapeworms away. Well, these tapeworms can move to other parts of your body. They can also cause several serious health issues that can cost you your life.


The best ways to lose weight are ones that have stood the test of time not some of the worst fad diets out there. Exercise, good nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle are still infinitely better then trying out any of these harmful fad diets.

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