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Wonder why people speak of their teenage years, the twenties, and thirties, as their best years, because at that age your immortal.

You don’t see death as an option. Isn’t that so?

When you start losing friends in you 50s it hits you that you’re not immortal anymore, not that you ever where.

It only as you losing friends in you fifties, you may begin to lose those you love, and your fallout will not be because of an altercation; rather, it will be because when they were younger, and they may have made poor health choices.

I had a friend who was actually my best friend for 40 years who got sick and just ignored it till he had to see the doctor. He was 53 and died of Colon cancer in 2 months.

He left behind a 14 year son and 2 older daughters and his wife. What could he have done differently:

  1. Exercise
  2. dieted
  3. went to the doctor and got a colonoscopy at 50, like your supposed to do.

Losing friends in you 50s is not only bad for you but there family to!!

Growth is a natural phenomenon, and no matter how young you are today, tomorrow, you will be older.

We must push ourselves and our friends to make excellent health decisions. If we fail, they will be frail at just fifty.

Some may soon become bent, and some more may suffer from a stroke or diabetes.

This guide will help understand the relationship between the decisions you make today and your health status in a few years.

It will also give you information on the things that can be done—and something that should be avoided if you want your elderly years to be just as vibrant as your younger years.

Lastly, you will understand the tips and tricks you can use to convince your friends to make better life choices and achieve total wellness, so hopefully you won’t be losing friends in your 50s, as much anyway.



One of the indulgences people often allow is terrible eating habits.

When you eat foods with low nutritional value and high toxins, you unwittingly deposit toxins within your system that can affect you momentarily and later in the future.

For example ultra-processed foods have:

1. low fiber

2. Vitamins

3. Yet have high saturated fats

4. Excess sugar

5. Colors

6. Flavorings

7. Other additives.

None of this is good.

According to Ana Sandoiu, a writer and researcher at Medical News Today, “Ultra processed foods, such as packaged snacks and soda could harm the health.”

A study by Bernard Srour—A lead author at the BMJ, and others, on ultra-processed foods.

They revealed that A 10% increase in the consumption of ultra-processed foods could lead to an increase in:

1. Cardiovascular disease

2. Coronary heart disease

3, Cerebrovascular disease by 12%, 13%, and 11% respectively.

It would help if you recommended eating only minimally-processed or unprocessed foods for your friends.

When deciding on foods to eat and those to avoid, you should talk to a professional dietician.

However, foods that contain too much sugar, red meat, and high carbohydrate content should be avoided.


When you have friends, you surely would love to see them grow to a ripe old age.

However, many people entangle themselves in life-threatening habits.

According to the COPD, people who smoke are “12 to 13 times more likely to die from COPD than non smokers.

“When your friends indulge in smoking in their twenties, they may seem healthy; but in a few decades, the consequences of the cigar will be dire.


A man and woman working out at the gym with dumbbell weights

Exercises are vital factors for good health.

With aging, your bone and muscle become weaker—through Sarcopenia; however, if you invest the time needed to be fit, you will live your old age in good health.

Young people are encouraged to exercise consistently, as exercising helps:

1. Burn fats

2. Improves heartbeat

3. Body glow

4. Prevent heart disease

5. Stroke

6. Type 2 diabetes

7. Arthritis

8. Osteoporosis

9. High blood.

The problem here is that most people when there getting into their 50s quit doing the things they need to keep doing.

A study made by CMAJ, and published by the National Library of Medicine, reveals that bone loss was ‘particularly rapid in the total hip’ and was ‘greatest among women aged 50-54.’ Bone mass density decline is one of the significant causes of hip fracture.

If your friends cultivated bad exercising habits as young men and encouraged poor eating habits, they may have exposed themselves to sicknesses that are relatively avoidable.

Exercising, among other factors, stop the natural aging process, leaving you looking fresh and full of life.

Essentially, friends must be pushed to adopt proper habits that will keep them trimmed and fit and help them prevent significant illnesses.


Stress is a natural part of life.

No one can exist without some form of stress. Fear, doubt, drive, push, and worry, are all a part of our bodies’ reaction to stress.

If you are faced with specific danger, your stressors are activated, and your body releases the hormones needed to either fight off the threat or flee the threat.

However, whenever you allow stress to accumulate in your body for a long time, it leads to terrible psychological and physical damage. 

In his fifties, a man has absorbed the stress of work, running a home, taking his kids to school, money pressure, and more, in his past.

While these high levels of accumulated stress may not become deadly in the early stages of his career and marriage, they begin to show when he is older.

Stress can cause numerous diseases:

1. including stroke, blood pressure, diabetes, paralysis, depression, etc. 

2. Blood pressure

3. Diabetes

4. Paralysis

5.Depression, etc. 

Stress is the silent Killer.

If you allow stress from your twenties and thirties build up into your fifties, sixties, and older years, you may expose your health to unwarranted and unexplainable. 


  • Eat right: Eat foods with complete nutritional value. If you follow the vegetarian, vegan, or wholeness oriciple.there is a high chance that your diet does not contain the necessary vitamin content—especially Vitamin B12. You should use frequent supplements whenever a test shows that you lack Vitamin B12 or any other important vitamins.

  • Stress is a natural part of existence; however, there is only so much we can take when stress piles up before we break. You must recognize your stressors and the ones that raise your stress level to the peak. You are entirely different from another person, and you may be able to take what another person might not be able to handle.

  • Shun bad habits: It’s time for you to encourage your friends to take a stand for themselves. Smoking is terrible, but it gets even more dangerous to your health when you indulge as an elderly. Do not smoke tobacco; take alcohol sparingly.
  • Understand yourself: When stress begins to accumulate in your body, it will give you a sign. The slight headache you have might be your body telling you that it needs special attention. There are some activities that will reduce stress. For example, yoga and exercise are an excellent way of transmitting pressure away from your body. At times, your body may be calling for rest or sleep.

Your fifties mark the beginning of a new era of your life.

As you gradually leave the youthful years and become an elderly, take the time out to check on your friends.

Good friends help each other battle weaknesses.

Friendship is beautiful and should be preserved.

You must maintain yourself by taking care of your body—in totality, and give your friends the extra push they need to live in good health.


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